The Camille Dining Table

The Camille Dining Table was designed in-house, and manufactured by Benchmark as a key architectural feature to the main living space of a modern family home in Chiswick.  Choreographed to act as the heart of the family home, with a sense of permanency as the hero piece within the space. Therefore, the overall design, production and material choice, focused on longevity ensuring enjoyment and long lasting through time. The sculptured nature of the solid timber gives it tremendous presence in the room. As one of Robert London’s key values, the table defies fast fashion interiors, and focuses on quality, longevity and craftsmanship. 


The choice of natural solid British ash wood (Dorset Ash) for the bespoke dining table was a conscious decision as a more sustainable option to other types of woods, due to its fast-growth, and self-seeding, as well as being in plentiful supply due to ash dieback in Europe. Ash trees also capture carbon from the atmosphere, storing it in the furniture for decades. The table is a key architectural centrepiece, and creates ultimate harmony with the ash Dinesen flooring through the rear extension space, as well as celebrating the future scarcity of this under used wood as a use for furniture. A particular white timber was selected to champion this British timber, as a timber of our time.

"We initially only intended to have Robert focus on the interior design but very soon he proved to have an uncomplicated and simple approach that elevated the entire architectural design for the house".

Barrowgate Road, Chiswick